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Top Shopify Backup Apps in 2024

"Uh oh, did your Shopify store just crash? Don't panic, we've got you covered with our top picks for the best backup apps. πŸ›οΈπŸ’» Say goodbye to lost sales and hello to peace of mind. 😌 Check out our article for the ultimate backup plan. πŸ’ͺ🏼 #ShopifySaviors #NoMoreCrashes"

7 Top Shopify Backup Apps

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ExIm ‑ Export / Import data

by MPIthemes



Key features of the app:

Easy Peasy: A Hassle-Free Way to Bulk Export/Import Pages, Websites, and Theme Settings with Just One Click. Copy Pages and Blogs: Take Existing Stores’ Websites, Pages, and Theme Settings and Import Them into a New Store. Customizable Presets: Create Ready-to-Use Templates for Your Customers. Perfect for Web Designers.

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ThemeWatch ‑ theme backup tool

by NexusMedia OÜ


Free to install

Key features of the app:

Hey, make sure to keep an eye on any changes made to your topics by outside apps or developers. And don’t forget to back everything up! You can set up automatic daily backups or do it manually before any big updates. And if something goes wrong, no worries – you can restore specific parts or the whole theme from your backup whenever and however you want.

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Starts at $4.99/month

Key features of the app:

At, we got your back! We’ll take care of backing up all your precious data from your Shopify store and store it safely in our super secure storage. And the best part? Whenever you make changes to your stuff, we’ll automatically save a fresh copy during the backup. So if you ever need to go back in time, you can restore to any previous version and get things back to the way they were. No stress, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

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Automatic Theme Backup

by Pemberton Rank


Starts at $7/month

Key features of the app:

Automatic Backups Every Hour: Your theme changes will be automatically saved every hour, so you never have to worry about losing your progress. Of course, you can also manually back up your theme whenever you want.

Keep Track of Theme Changes: Take control of your theme by keeping track of all the changes made on your theme history timeline. You can even leave a personal note on manual versions.

Quick and Easy Restores: Don’t stress about any issues that may pop up on your theme. With just one click, you can restore your shop to any previous version of your published theme.

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Theme Save ‑ Backup your theme

by InsCoder Limited


Starts at $1.99/month

Key features of the app:

Keep your store safe: Remember to back up your topic records regularly. We’ll hold onto your backups for a whole 100 days.

Keep your brand on lock: We take protecting your online store’s image and identity seriously.

No hassle, all ease: Our Shopify theme backup is super easy to use and completely automated. No need for any manual work on your end.

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Rewind Backups

by Rewind


Starts at $39/month

Key features of the app:

Hey there! Did you know that Shopify can’t save your data if something goes wrong? But don’t worry, Rewind has got your back. Our app will automatically back up your shop on the regular, so you can set it and forget it. No more stressing about losing your precious data. And speaking of stress, with Rewind, you can sleep easy knowing your store is in good hands. It’s like having a ‘magic undo’ button for your shop. Plus, we’re Shopify plus approved, so you know we’re legit. And if you ever need a helping hand, our pro team is here for you. We’ve already helped over 25,000 shops and we’re just a chat, email, or web click away. Trust us, your shop is in good hands with Rewind.

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Automatic Backups

by Talon Commerce


Starts at $8.95/month

Key features of the app:

Easily turn back time with our Restoration Browser feature! Whether you need to find an older version of a product, collection, blog post, shop page, or theme file, our advanced version comparison interface has got you covered. With just one click, you can restore to a previous version and undo any unwanted changes.

But that’s not all – our Shop Recovery tool allows you to recover an entire category to a specific date with just a single click. No more manually sifting through backups to find what you need!

And for those times when you want to test out a new app but are worried about the potential impact on your store, our Recovery from App Installs feature has got your back. Our automatic backups show you exactly what changes were made, giving you the power to revert your store to its previous state before the app was installed. You can even choose to undo only the parts that were affected by the app. It’s your store, your choice.

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