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Top Shopify Flash Sale Apps in 2024

"🎉Get ready to boost your sales with these 🔝flashy apps for Shopify! From 💸discount codes to 🛍️limited time offers, these apps will have your customers saying '🙌take my money!' Don't miss out on the 💰profit potential, check out our top picks now! #Shopify #FlashSales #ChaChing 💸"

3 Top Flash Sales Apps for Shopify

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Simple Sale

by Coolence


Starts at $10/month

Key features of the app:

Easy to Use: Personalize your discount percentage.
Efficient: Begin deals with just a single click.
Convenient: No need for coupon codes.

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Disco: Black Friday Sales App

by ProductEssentials



Key features of the app:

Want to make your sales more successful? Try running Flash Sales to encourage customers to buy more and snag those hard-to-find items. You can even schedule discounts on specific products or entire collections.

Don’t let your sales go unnoticed! Use a Sale Announcement Bar to showcase all your ongoing and upcoming deals, making them impossible to miss. This will definitely help boost your sales.

And if you really want to create a sense of urgency, add a live countdown timer on your product page to show how much time is left for the offer. You can easily customize it to fit your schedule and preferences. So why wait? Give it a try and see your sales soar!

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by TurnTech Software, Inc.


Starts at $2.99/month

Key features of the app:

Set it and Forget it: Keep an eye on and automate all your business campaigns in one convenient spot.
Instant Results: Grab immediate attention for your limited-time deals and inspire quick purchases.
Insta-Buy Button for Your Blog: Boost sales by promoting related products on your popular blog posts.

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