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Top Shopify Account Invite Apps in 2024

Transform your Shopify store with the power of connectivity! Dive into our exploration of the Top Shopify Account Invite Apps, revolutionizing collaboration and access control. From effortless team onboarding to exclusive customer portals, these apps redefine user engagement. Elevate your store's efficiency, enhance security, and seamlessly manage invites – discover the tools that empower your online retail experience like never before.

2 Top Shopify Account Invite Apps

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Bulk Account Invite Sender

by Matt Loszak


Free to install

Key features of the app:

Hey everyone, come on in with just one click! Invite all those left out or send personalized invites to a specific group using tags. Perfect for those who just joined Shopify.
Simple and neat designs: Choose from our ready-to-use HTML template or keep it simple with plain text. Or, add your own custom HTML to match your brand!
Say hi to new customers automatically: Set up automatic welcomes for new customers to activate their accounts as soon as they provide their email.

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WOTIO Account Invites Plus

by Deeko Global LLC


Free to install

Key features of the app:

Automated and Group Invites: Automatically send activation messages to individual customers or target mass invitations to a specific audience. Super simple and user-friendly!

Customers Can Invite Themselves: Our website interface tool allows customers to use a personalized link on your site to send themselves an invitation to complete their account setup.

Bulk Deals + Email Monitor: We’re always adding new tools, like Bulk Discount Codes, Email Monitor to track Shopify emails, and Simple Pick List for easy order fulfillment.

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