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Top Low Stock Alert Apps for Shopify in 2024

🚨Attention all Shopify store owners! Keep your inventory in check with these top low stock alert apps. 📈Never miss a sale again with these handy tools that will notify you when your products are running low. 💰Say goodbye to lost revenue and hello to happy customers. 🙌Check out our article for the best low stock alert apps for your Shopify store. ⏰Don't wait, stock up on these apps now! 💻💰📦 #Shopify #LowStockAlert #InventoryManagement

6 Top Low Stock Alert Apps for Shopify

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Low Stock Alert

by Codex Labs, Inc


Starts at $5.99/month

Key features of the app:

Stock Management Made Easy: Save time by using bulk actions through CSV import/export to streamline your stock management process. Keep Your Inventory in Check: Get a list of low stock items sent to your email regularly on a set schedule. Never Run Out of Stock: Get instant alerts when an item’s stock falls below your set threshold.

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StockBot Low Stock Alert

by StoreBuilder



Key features of the app:

Get notified when your inventory is running low with our Low Inventory alarms. You’ll receive an email report showing which items are below your set low stock level. Plus, you can set alarms for specific items, variations, or collections.

Say goodbye to guessing how much stock you need to fulfill future orders. Our Sales Forecasting feature uses your past sales and lead time to give you an accurate estimate. This saves you time and money by preventing over or under stocking.

With our help, you’ll always have the right amount of inventory at the right time. This means you won’t miss out on potential sales or tie up your capital in excess stock. Keep your business running smoothly with our inventory management tools.

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Merchbees Low Stock Alert

by merchbees



Key features of the app:

Yo, listen up! Keep track of your stock levels with our Low Stock and Inventory Alerts. We’ll shoot you an email or hit you up on Slack when something’s running low or out of stock. And get this – we’ll even hook you up with a CSV file of all the low stock items automatically.

But wait, there’s more! Our alerts are both instant and scheduled, so you’ll know right away when your stock is running low or you can plan ahead with scheduled alerts. Plus, you can get super specific with our Location-Based/Advanced Filter. That means you can create different alerts based on where your products are located. And we’re talking major filters here – collections, vendors, tags, products, variations, and SKUs. You name it, we got it. So don’t sweat it, we got your back when it comes to keeping your stock in check.

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Low Stock Notifier

by Xeon Apps


Starts at $2.99/month

Key features of the app:

Hey, listen up! We gotta make sure we don’t run outta stock on our items, so let’s set up some alerts. We can send messages or use Slack to let our peeps know when we’re running low on a certain item or variation. And we can even do it automatically on a regular basis. Plus, we can get instant alerts in real-time when our stock levels drop below a certain limit. And to make things even easier, we can have CSV files of our low-stock items sent to our emails. Oh, and get this – we can create different alerts for different locations or situations. How cool is that? Let’s get on it!

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EZ Inventory ‑ Quantity Update

by Highview Apps LLC


Starts at $19.95/month

Key features of the app:

Automate Your Inventory Updates: Keep Your Stock Levels Up-to-Date Every 60 Minutes. Plus, Cover Multiple Locations. Connect to FTP/SFTP or Web Feeds: Keep Your Stock in Sync. Works with CSV/TSV/TXT, XLS, XLSX, and XML Formats. Never Run Low on Stock: Receive Email Alerts for Low Stock Levels and Variations. Stay on Top of Your Inventory Game.

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Notify Me

by MakeProSimp


Starts at $4.99/month

Key features of the app:

Managing Stock: The storekeeper can easily handle their store’s inventory through the app by setting alerts for products that are running low or out of stock.

User-Friendly: The storekeeper will receive an email or web message notification when a product reaches the set stock alert level, making it simple to keep track of inventory.

Boosting Profits: With the app’s automatic reminders, the storekeeper can restock products in a timely manner, ultimately leading to an increase in store revenue.

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