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Top Shopify Apps for Product Sorting in 2024

"🛍️Ready to take your Shopify store to the next level? Check out these 🔝top product sorting apps that will have your customers clicking 'add to cart' in no time! From customizable filters to seamless organization, these apps have got you covered. Say goodbye to messy product pages and hello to happy customers! 💸💯 #Shopify #ProductSorting #EcommerceGoals"

5 Top Product Sorting Apps for Shopify

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Collection Sort

by pluginappstore


Starts at $4/month

Key features of the app:

Get things done faster with Speedy Sorting! Easily check off multiple items as you move them, simply by tapping the top and bottom buttons and sending them to their designated spots. Need to find specific products in a hurry? Quick Search has got you covered. Just enter a list of item IDs separated by commas and voila! You’ll have your chosen products in no time. And for a quick peek at a store’s collection, just click once to get the same experience as if you were browsing on a computer or phone. How convenient is that?

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Bestsellers reSort



Free to install

Key features of the app:

Boost Your Business: Organize and Arrange Your Products, Switch Up Your Strategy to Match Your Customers’ Buying Habits and Preferences, and Enhance Your Store to Boost Sales.

Focus on Top-Selling Products: Arrange Products Based on Revenue or Sales. Categorize Products with Tags, Manually Promote Items, Push Sold-Out Products Down, and More.

Maximize ROI with Product Organization: Well-Structured Collections Lead to Better Sales and Increased Return On Investment (ROI). Resort Helps You Naturally Drive Growth.

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by the GM agency


Starts at $10/month

Key features of the app:

Organize Your Collection Like a Pro: Say goodbye to scattered assortments and hello to easy collection management. With our app, you can easily add items to your manual collections using the search and filter options.

Effortless Product Sorting: Tired of manually rearranging your collection items? Our app makes it a breeze with large image thumbnails and a grid-style layout. Simply drag and drop to change the order and give your customers a better shopping experience.

Merchandise Made Simple: Don’t waste time individually adding items to your collections. With our drag and drop feature, you can quickly stock multiple items at once. Plus, easily save and view your collections on your store.

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Super Collections & Sorting

by Kimonix



Key features of the app:

Awesome Auto Collections: Make super cool collections with fancy settings. Personalized or with a template: bestsellers, new arrivals, restocked goodies, holiday deals.

Fancy Product Sorting: Organize your collections, old or new, with fancy analysis. Pick and choose different options to impact the order of your products.

Product Secrets: Uncover your top and bottom performing products, when and where to promote them, and how to make your inventory work smarter.

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Best Sellers ‑ Insights & more

by Burst Commerce


Starts at $29/month

Key features of the app:

Focus on what brings in the most profit: With a limited amount of time and energy, it’s important to prioritize your efforts. Make the most out of your business by focusing on your top-selling items.

Stay on top of product trends: It’s crucial to know which products are popular in your shop. Keep track of this information through detailed reports and insights, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Boost your bank account: Your best-selling products should outshine the rest and serve as social proof. Promote them even more to increase your sales and make more money.

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