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Top Shopify Add Nutrition Facts Apps in 2024

Time to spice up your Shopify game! 🌱 Check out our guide to the Top Add Nutrition Facts Apps for Shopify – the secret sauce to giving your products a healthy glow-up. These apps make adding nutritional info a breeze, helping your customers make smart choices. Say goodbye to the bland, and hello to a fresh, transparent shopping vibe. Let’s make your Shopify store as nutritious as your favorite smoothie bowl! 🍏🥑 #ShopifyFuel #HealthyEcommerce

1 Top Add Nutrition Facts Apps for Shopify

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Nutrition Facts

by ScreenStaring


Starts at $10/month

Key features of the app:

Food Facts Made Easy: Help your customers make smart food choices and give your website a polished and professional vibe.

Educate Your Customers: Nutritional information is key for customers when choosing what to eat and drink.

Organize Your Product Nutrition: Keep track of all your products’ nutritional data. Our app covers vitamins, minerals, ingredients, allergens, and supplement facts.

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