AI Media Buyer for your Shopify Store

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AI Superpowers:
Tailor-made Media Plan
Smart Auto Media Buying
Top-agency Service Level


AI Media Buyer for your Shopify Store

Replace your overpriced freelancer with an AI media buying super brain.
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AI Superpowers:
Tailor-made Media Plan
Smart Auto Media Buying
Top-agency Service Level
Simplifies the complexity of:


How does it work?

Enter your Shopify store URL

GPT Media Buyer will accurately analyze your store by up to 24 parameters, including audience, demography, location, and category to develop an effective media strategy.

This AI method allows to find optimal setting of campaign and optimize your ads budget up to 24%

Get tailor-made Media Plan

Review Media Plan proposed by GPT Media Buyer. If necessary, chat with AI, and approve the changes.

Usually GPT Media Buyer maximizes your advertising ROI from 30% to 68% . Whether you're a seasoned digital marketer or just starting out.

Connect to Shopify

Allow GPT Media Buyer to get access to your Shopify Store list of product.

No more hours of wasted time for Google Ads and Meta Ads configuring and integrations!

Select products to promote

Select the products or categories of products you want to promote. You are able to browse items by filters like Best Sellers or Most Visited.

Approve the campaign and enjoy the results!

Here you go! Your ads campaigns is all set and already running in Google, Facebook or Instagram. Use GPT Media Buyer dashboard with personal AI assistant to monitor and manage all your campaigns in realtime.


GPT Media Buyer Features

Media Plan Creation
We take the guesswork out of strategizing. The platform auto-generates a comprehensive media plan, providing a conducive space for notes, suggestions, and brainstorming, all tailored to your unique needs.
Budget Suggestions
Unsure about your ad spend? We offer intelligent budget recommendations for your campaigns and facilitate smooth, secure payment processing through Stripe.
Shopify connection to Facebook and Google Ads
We automatically connect your product list to Facebook and Google Ads platforms. Others charge hundreds for this.
Auto Setup and Buying
Save time and resources with our automated ad setup and buying system. We manage the entire process on your behalf across every platform out there, executing ad campaigns through our account, ensuring efficiency and efficacy.
Advertising Analytics
Make informed decisions with our comprehensive ad analytics. We provide insightful statistics on your campaigns and suggest or auto-generate improvements, refining your strategy for continual success.
Smart Ads Knowledge Base
GPT Media Buyer constantly learns and memorizes everything about all your campaigns, creatives, and its performance. You can communicate with your ads data at any time.

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    Most Popular Questions


    • What is GPT Media Buyer?
      GPT Media Buyer is an innovative, AI-powered platform specifically designed to revolutionize media buying for small businesses on Shopify. By leveraging advanced algorithms and AI methodologies, it creates tailor-made media plans, creates and runs advertising campaigns on Meta and Google Ads, and optimizes advertising strategies on the go, ensuring that businesses achieve efficient and impactful campaigns tailored to their unique objectives.
    • How does GPT Media Buyer differ from traditional media buying?
      Traditional media buying rely either on high-end media agencies, unavailable for small business, or on freelancers, who charge high fixed monthly fees without responsibility for the end result. GPT Media Buyer, on the other hand, employs state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver top-agency quality without heavy fees. It continually learns from the market, adjusts to changing dynamics, and predicts future trends, offering a more dynamic and adaptive approach to media buying. And all that for just 3% of your media spend! Brilliant, right?
    • How secure is GPT Media Buyer?
      Security is paramount at GPT Media Buyer. We employ advanced encryption techniques and adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure that all user data, campaign details, and business information are kept confidential and safeguarded from any potential breaches.
    • How is the Media Plan created?
      GPT Media Buyer's Media Plan is auto-generated using AI-driven analysis. It evaluates your website, and products, assesses current market trends, and considers historical data to produce a comprehensive, tailored plan that outlines the best advertising strategies, channels, and budgets to meet your objectives.
    • How does GPT Media Buyer set up and run advertising campaigns?
      Once the Media Plan is finalized, GPT Media Buyer integrates seamlessly with Meta Ads and Google Ads. Using AI, it automatically setups and monitors campaign performance in real-time, and makes adaptive adjustments to ensure optimum results, without manual interventions.
    • Can I chat with my advertising data?
      Absolutely! GPT Media Buyer is equipped with chatbot-like functionalities. This allows users to engage in interactive sessions, asking questions, receiving insights, and even getting suggestions about their advertising data, all in a conversational manner.
    • How much does it cost?
      It’s simple, as everything in GPT Media Buyer! Only 3% of what is being spent on your advertising. For example, your budget is $1,000 per month across all the channels, so we will charge you that budget, plus $30 in chunks as your campaign runs and advertising is shown. In this example, the user would pay just 3% for a tailor-made campaign, compared to 10-15% in agencies (who work only with 6-figure budgets), and freelancers who charge at least a $500 fixed fee per month.
    • Do you have support?
      Of course! Our support team is accessible via email or live chat. Whether you have technical queries, need guidance on using the platform, or just want to chat with a human, we're here to assist.


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