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Tako (by Hypotenuse AI)

by Hypotenuse AI
Starts at $29/month

App description:

Introducing Tako, the ultimate AI sidekick for your Shopify store! With Tako (by Hypotenuse AI), you can easily create killer product descriptions that will skyrocket your SEO and boost conversions. No more struggling to come up with catchy copy – Tako does it all for you with just a few simple inputs.

But that’s not all – Tako also automatically pulls product information from your Shopify store, making it super easy to publish your descriptions directly to your storefront. Plus, Tako doesn’t just stop at product descriptions – it can also generate blog posts and marketing copy that perfectly align with your brand’s voice.

And here’s the best part – Tako uses its AI powers to suggest keywords for your products, saving you tons of time and effort. No more tedious manual typing – Tako has got you covered. So why wait? Give Tako a try and watch your store’s success soar!

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